No Way to Decide
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from the video 'no way to decide'


‘No Way to Decide’ is eight’s 4th single and their first in partnership with Sony BMG records, featuring on the debut album 'Moving'

The song has taken various forms over the years, starting out as an eclectic mainly instrumental track called ‘155’ (it was 1 minute 55 seconds long).

The reworked single evolved as part of the debut album writing process in early 2003 and quickly emerged as a strong single contender for the album. With it’s brooding verses, energetic guitar hook, and catchy chorus melody, the song has received great airplay support from radio and TV stations around the country and has become a stand out addition to the eight live show as well.

from the video 'no way to decide'
The video was made in November 2003 in Christchurch with director Richard Bell and thanks to NZ on Air. It's a part performance/part storyboard concept shot in black and white.