'Moving' was recorded over five months in a two storey villa in central Auckland, A panel from the new albumthe home of producer Malcolm Welsford. eight were determined to capture the live feel of their music for the album, and all the initial tracks were recorded live in Malcolm’s lounge. The logistics of this effort took some time to coordinate. Amps were farmed out through various rooms, and a labyrinth of leads ran through ‘discreet’ holes in the ceilings and walls enabling all the instruments to be recorded at once. A security camera system was installed so that Malcolm could see all that was happening in the lounge from the upstairs control room. Vocals, strings, and extra keyboard and guitar parts were then added separately to produce the final sound.

Creating the right environment was crucial to the band’s vision for recording the songs, and contributed strongly to the organic feel and warmth of the album production. Most of the song writing was finished before recording began, but a few tracks were left open ended to allow space for inspiration and creativity in the moment. A few of those ‘moments’ were captured and have become part of the finished recording.

A panel from the new album'Moving' takes you through 15 tracks of varied musical moods, with all the layers and textures expected from eight, and is representative of the band’s journey so far. Included on the album is exclusive CD-Rom footage, put together by the band themselves of the studio process and the making of the album.

Moving is out through Sony BMG Records and is available in stores now.

For International or Online sales, Moving is available online durectly from eight and from a number of online stores including the following: