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They say good things take time, and Eight's debut album Moving has been over five years in the making. Eight formed in 1996 and let their sound mature over the past Eight years. Eight have a rock sound that is so catchy it will stay with you for a long time. It's powerful and dynamic and performed with heart and passion. Build was the band's first release in 1998, an independent demo of both live performances and recorded tracks. All copies of the demo sold out. Their first single Whale was released in 2001, then Moments Gone hit in 2002, and in 3003 the four track Shift EP was released (which included third inde-pendent single Shift and Che Fu's remix of Moments Gone).

After signing to Sony BMG. Moving lives up to all the anticipation. Along with the aforementioned
singles there are some absolute gems, like Get Over It, Warm, Fall Apart, and the smoldering title track, Moving. The sound is precise, clear and quite sim-ply, so unified and together that it reminds one of a more rock'n'roll-type Dimmer. Paul Russell, formerly of Supergroove and Che Fu & The Krates, is the best drummer in New Zealand. He, along with guitarist Chris Cope set a platform for Bruce Conlon's tearing vocals. Moving is a welcome addition to New Zealand music, and will be a standout Kiwi album for years to come.

Programme Director - The Rock radio station

Eight are a great rock band. . . Melodic catchy hooks, superb vocals and well arranged songs are Eight to a T, the exact ingredients for great radio songs. - Nationwide Music Retailer

Without any hype at all I can say that eight have been the most asked for music from our customers, we are always getting messages from our managers asking which company has this release.

Player Magazine

Let me tell you what the Bible left out We all know how God created the world in seven days, but they omitted the most vital piece of information. On the seventh day He rested only because on the eighth day he created the New Zealand band Eight. According to the prophecy, the band would release their debut album Moving in 2004 and it would change the world forever. The prophets were right, this record is the best album of 2004. It's been years in the making (eight I'm told), Eight's first single release was Whale, a drum--and-bass -type song with rock sprinkled all over it and a sign of great things to come, After that came Moments Gone and damn, the drumming on this is awesome! All tracks on Moving stand out

Coke Fridge

Eight's debut album, "Moving" has taken a longtime in coming but it is finally here and ready to hit stores the world over, obvious just how much respect this band has from others within the industry. Eight write great music, all of the songs are emotional and beautifully composed. The band has the unique ability to write music that allows you to listen without being overpowered, but also the magic to pull you in by the heart and ears. Live, Eight play with intricacy, depth and passion, capturing all the detail and drive present in the recordings. Numerous guitar effects, samples and Bruce Conlon's powerful voice combine for a performance that leaves the listener in awe.

The Classic (Venue)

eight consistently pull a crowd to the venue, partly because of the quality of the music, but also because as a group they are great at self-promotion. eight have given 150% on stage at all times when playing here, and the response from Classic audiences has been really positive.

I usually go along to 'meet the band' media nights with a slight sense of trepidation. New bands aren't always about what it says on the label (or press blurb) and some times a big cheesy grin and a nodding head can be your only armament in the face of the "Oh bloody hell, not another crap guitar-grinding garage band" thoughts running through your head.

But, Eight aren't just another band - these guys are something else.

From the moment Bruce Conlon (vocals and guitar), Chris Cope (vocals and guitar), Hamish Jackson (percussion and sampler), Alastair Rogers (bass) and Paul Russell (drums) hit the stage, there was a total absence of ego - just a series of beaming grins, nodding heads and a hankering to play some memorably atmospheric music.

In the space of six songs (one a three-part film soundtrack-style piece which Conlon admitted was something he wants to get more involved with - to the laughs of the other band members) Eight blew all present away, with eyes closed and heads back, they put such energy into their music that it could have been a stadium we were all sitting in - all equally gobsmacked by the performance. Where have these guys been?


"I love eight. I've always loved eight. I will always love eight"

Creme Magazine

Ironically, it has taken eight years for Kiwi rock 'n' roll band, Eight, to get their debut album, Moving, out, But hey, it's been worth the wait! The boys are modest about their achievements on this album (this reviewer is apparently not the first to come out with 'I didn't know that was yours!' of the slow-building radio favourite, Moment's Gone), preferring to let the music speak for itself than launch an aggressive marketing campaign. It's been a sensible option, as the often-haunting melodies of Eight's sound and singer Bruce Conlon's softly edged vocals are intriguing and draw in the listener This ain't no wallpaper music, neither is it the kind your folks will be screaming at you to turn off if you crank it up. The title track stands out as a real winner, as does the surprisingly beautiful 39-second instrumental interlude, simply named Eight


"Since listening to the band eight, I've noticed a dramatic increase in my ability to relate to others socially. I have so many more friends, and I've lost six inches of my waistline. Thank you eight!"